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RUKA’s Dental marketing is inspired by our passion for what we do, and from the profound gratification we get from helping our clients. Our client base is an exceptional group that understands the power of a strong brand, ingenuity, intrigue, and the influence of great creative.

Recently, Ruka Dental Marketing was named TOP DENTAL BRANDING COMPANY by DesignRush.


Featuring Several Amazing Dental Clients


DenteVita Prosthodontics

DenteVita Prosthodontics specializes in aesthetic, implant, fixed and removable dentistry. They emphasize patient comfort, increased functionality as well as improved aesthetics in a confident atmosphere.



Elevating Dental Education to New Heights

We’re excited to reveal a transformative journey set to redefine dental education. Dentutopia’s identity marks a bold leap forward. Their modern visual identity reflects their dedication to cutting-edge techniques and evolving dental needs. Dentutopia’s expanding course offerings, fostering a global community, and ensuring rigorous accreditation. With exceptional support and streamlined shopping, Dentutopia’s brand is more than a simple identity solution; it’s a movement to elevate dentistry. Dentutopia is shaping the future of dental education. Welcome to Dentutopia.


Denver Implant Study Club (DISC)

Since 2003, DISC (Denver Implant Study Club) has provided the most relevant dental implant continuing education to Denver and its subsidiaries. DISC’s primary objective is to empower doctors and their offices in strengthening their implant practices. It is tailored toward both general dentists and specialists.