Defining Your Position in the Dental Market: The Key to Determining the Big Why

Ruka dental discusses why patients choose your practice in episode 2.

On this episode of Ruka Dental Marketing, join Alex Valderrama, the CEO and brand strategist, and Sarah Valderrama as they dive into the big WHY behind patient choice in dental practices.

In this second episode of the Ruka Dentalcast, they explore the importance of defining a position in the market and how it helps dentists understand why patients choose their practice. Alex shares insights on analyzing competitors, identifying differentiators, and finding a balance between brand positioning and patient needs. Discover the four steps to understanding brand positioning compared to competitors, and learn why plotting brand points against competitors is not only fun but also crucial in creating a clear brand message.

In addition, watch this episode to unravel the significance of positioning in dental practices’ broader business strategy. Whether you’re starting your practice or looking to expand, this episode provides valuable information to help grow your dental practice.

Topics Covered in this Video Dental Cast Session:

  1. Understanding why patients choose your practice over others
  2. Importance of understanding patient preferences
  3. Determining the “big why” of your practice
  4. Defining a position in the market
  5. Starting point for understanding patient choices
  6. Comparing company and product descriptions
  7. Assessing the culture surrounding the company
  8. Importance of defining a strong position
  9. Creating effective websites, campaigns, and taglines
  10. Impact of a strong position on social media presence
  11. Analyzing top competitors and identifying unique qualities/differentiators
  12. Creating a list of differentiators and looking for trends
  13. Assessing competition’s position based on differentiators and brand points
  14. Focusing on business goals and strong brand position
  15. Driving a meaningful, unique, and engaging brand story
  16. Clarifying branding and business goals


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